Wendy Young (pochigirl) wrote in bookmuse,
Wendy Young

It's all about me ^_^

Name: Wendy

Age: 23

Location: California ^_^

Favorite book: Right now I adore TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE by Mitch Albom

Favorite book genre: Modern day romance (not the trashy stuff, the realistic sounding but totally roll your eyes at type)...Stuff probably referred to as "chick lit" by Semi *lol* Looks like she will probably hate most my books ^_~

Least favorite book genre: Ah, anything BORING! I am open to most books, though, if the story flows.

Random fact: I want to pull a Jemima J! (If you have not read that book, then too bad, you won't know what I mean.) I'm in the process of doing it but progress is slow because I am not going at it as crazy as she was...
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