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So what happened to the book exchange?

Just wondering what happened to the whole book exchange idea...I've been reading a lot lately, but most of the books are from the local library...I figured I might as well share here in case any of y'all want to read this stuff.

"Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner

I read her other two books (I think) "Good in Bed" and "In Her Shoes" and I remember liking them so I had to read her latest one. This one is about the lives of four different women whose lives intersect because of having babies. The author goes into great detail about things and it's a very fast read. Very amusing and heart-wrenching at times.

"Outsmarting the female fat cell: the first weight-control program designed specifically for women" by Debra Waterhouse

This book is awesome. I have always wondered why men can lose weight way faster than women. I got the answer to this and more from this book. I will be implementing the OFF plan in my whole fitness routine and I'll let y'all know how it goes in a couple of months. If you're like me and have always tried to lose the extra weight yet finding it difficult to, especially with all the different diets out there today that contradict one another, I suggest you read this book (or at least listen to the audiobook).

More updates later...
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