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The Book Muses

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Welcome to bookmuse! Your friendly maintainer for today is greenmuse Any questions, comments, confessions of love.. or hate (although i'd prefer the latter) should be directed to vpixie at gmail.com

This community is primarily the place for book exchange talks and although the book exchange is limited to my personal friends on my LJ list right now, everyone is welcome to join the community. Chat, review, tell us which books you love and hate, what books are on your current wishlist and wow us with your love for books! Even if you don't care for books, something might jump out at you and inspire you to read a particular book or audiobook.

If you would like to join the book exchange you can make a request by emailling me at the address above. Since I think everyone would feel better knowing that they'll get their book back in the end, requests are accepted on a "get to know" basis.

Respect members, if you are writing a long entry then use a lj cut tag, no leet speak i.e "u 1 2 no wut book I've been reading?" gah! New members are encouraged to introduce themselves.. dont' be shy, we won't bite. Unless you want us to *cough* ;)