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Welcome! An introduction

Welcome to bookmuse :) Grab a book, pull up a chair, and make yourself comfy.

Please read the community userinfo if you haven't already done so.

Primarily the ones who will be joining already know me but for future reference, allow me to introduce myself.

Name: I go by Vicki, Vix, Pixie, Semi.. whatever you prefer :P

Age: 24

Location: Originally from the UK, I moved over to the US in March '04 and have been avoiding the rednecks and hippies in Oregon since then.

Favorite book: I have a few but the one that stands out is Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Favorite book genre: Horror, true crime but a lot of books are in a genre of their own

Least favorite book genre: Chick lit. I'm open to good book suggestions though.

Random fact: I'm a walking spell checker but I always spell "Neccessary" wrong. I probably have it wrong there too. It was on a spelling test when I was about 8. I got it wrong then and never learned I guess.
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